Banana cake with chocolate ganache and walnuts

August 19, 2010

I believe that many keen home cooks, like me, have a certain cake they cook over and over again. For me, this cake has for the last couple of years been the almost famous chocolate mud cake. It is the cake former colleagues still rave about and its the cake my mum asks me to […]

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Cheese cake with blueberry syrup

August 13, 2010

As with so many other things in the culinary world, there are a million ways to cook the always popular cheese cake. Sometimes baked, sometimes eaten uncooked. Sometimes with gelatine, sometimes without. Some recipes use cream or mascarpone cheese, while others stick to creme fraiche mixed with cream cheese. The latter, along with sugar and […]

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Seriously chocolatey chocolate muffins

July 31, 2010

Sometimes a girl just gotta eat chocolate. Don’t ask me how or why – that is just the way it is. The day I made the muffins pictured above was one such day and although I had already bought blueberries to whip up someĀ  blueberry muffins, my chocolate craving forced me to ransack the kitchen […]

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Rhubarb Cake

July 8, 2010

Although the rhubarb season is coming to an end in a few weeks (and the best rhubarb is actually harvested in the early rhubarb season in May and June) I thought I might share this recipe for one of my favorites among all the cakes I have made so far this summer, whilst blissfully ignoring […]

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